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Yoga Basics - Hatha

Publié le 11 Avril 2017 par Marc Douglas

There are many forms of yoga. Should the person want to feel a very forceful kind, there is one called Hatha Yoga.

This exercise comes from 2 words. The first is Ha which means sun. The second word Tha means moon which makes this exercise the union of opposites. The exercise focuses more on the poses and the physical exercises in it.

This type of yoga is very popular in western culture. This is because all it takes is physical mastery instead of understanding more than 5 millenniums of Indian culture.

There are more than 30 positions that make up Hatha Yoga. By practicing it regularly, the person will reach some sort of healthier fulfillment compared to those in India who do this for spiritual enlightenment.

To date, there are more than 16.5 million Americans practicing this form of exercise between the ages of 18 to 24. With more middle aged people who want to join, this figure is much higher.

Hatha yoga is the best exercise to start with if the person has never tried yoga before. Its aim just like the others is to build harmony between the body and the soul. The person has to concentrate the entire time and stretch as far as possible. Given that the movements are not fast paced, breathing is very important.

The outfit for this type of exercise should be something light and comfortable for the entire session. Since the participant will either be standing or on the floor doing stretches, rubber shoes are not need. The only thing needed for the hard floor is a floor mat.

After mastering this type of exercise, the person can try other kinds of yoga that are also available. All it takes is for the person to ask around what other classes are available and trying it out.

Hatha yoga has many benefits. This can happen two ways. The first is physical.

It helps improve the flexibility of the person. This in turn will strengthen the bones and muscles which will reduce the chances of injuries. Since the person will remain in a certain position, it also improves the individual’s balance.

Coming home after a tiring day at the office, hatha yoga has shown to help reduce pain and tension. This is due to the breathing exercises that can calm the person down. It can also increase the level of energy in the person compared to other exercises that drains the person after a workout.

Hatha yoga works all the muscles in the body.

This will help tone one’s figure and builds endurance and stamina for other forms of rigorous exercises the person can engage in the future.

The other benefit of practicing Hatha Yoga is mental. Because a great amount of effort is used in concentrating during a session, the same thing can also be used at work.

Some people think that controlling one’s emotions can only be done by joining in something such as anger management class.

Hatha yoga can do better by releasing those emotions through breathing. This can be done by focusing on the part of the body that feels that way and letting it go.

Hatha yoga is an excellent alternative form of exercise that is easy to learn but will take time to master. By practicing it regularly, the person will notice changes inside and out making a better individual.

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