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Welcome to blog about sports, with resources for parents, coaches and athletes.

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  • Yoga Basics - Hatha

    11 avril 2017

    There are many forms of yoga. Should the person want to feel a very forceful kind, there is one called Hatha Yoga. This exercise comes from 2 words. The first is Ha which means sun. The second word Tha means moon which makes this exercise the union of...

  • The Basics of Kundalini Yoga

    11 avril 2017

    Yoga has been around for centuries. In fact, some say that the practice started way back 3000 BC. This makes yoga older than the religion Hinduism. From relative obscurity, yoga has developed into a holistic exercise program that not only provides physical...

  • Gearing up for Yoga - Yoga Apperal

    11 avril 2017

    Before the people of the world were introduced to yoga, the discipline has been known as one of the most ancient cultural heritage of India. Despite the so many misconceptions on the subject of yoga, more and people found the peace and wellness that they...